Real local presence. Real expertise.

Welcome to India.

We’re an Indo-Italian Management Consulting firm based in Mumbai. Founded by Antonio Fasano in the year 2010, we have a hand-picked team, comprising of both International and Indian professionals, having comprehensive knowledge and experience of working in the Indian market in their particular niches. We believe in working with both employees and clients with a strict global work ethic, in our constant effort towards maintaining a healthy multicultural environment.

We offer a wide range of services, such as developing business initiatives, identifying investment opportunities and supporting the temporary business management in India. We are a unique reference point with efficient problem solving skills for the management of foreign companies in India, and in developing healthier business initiatives that help the internationalisation of our clients; all this to reduce the start-up time and efficiency of our client’s business activities.

Doing any business in India is challenging due to its cultural and geographical differences. We bridge that gap with our expertise and cross-functional capabilities in various business. As a service provider to Italian and other European organisations in India, we strive to ensure flawless management solutions that are flexible, tailor made per client and at parlance with global standards.