For companies in the consumer products sector, and for the brands which are already present in the Indian market, we offer our experience along with a strong local presence to develop their business, guide the product positioning, generate higher profits, and in-turn increase the overall sales. We deal, in particular, with the following stages:
  • Creation of Sales & Distribution plan
  • Identification of Brand Positioning & Price possibilities
  • Recognising and defining a meticulous promotional plan
  • Creating a system for Performance Measurement.
  • Continuous Analysis of competitors and consultancy.

Leading Italian Player


Beauty & personal care




This client is present in India with a distributor since several years. However, they were facing poor performance in the sales turnover and the launch of new products.

  • RAW conducted a strategic research, market study and competitor’s analysis to identify a future strategic positioning in the perfume market in India.
  • RAW developed a marketing plan to grow in a market which is not covered and controlled yet, with the main focus on targeting one famous luxury brand with multiple products. The proposal was to position the brand in different strategic market segments, with an aim to grow in the market as well as maximize the returns on investment.
  • RAW proposed to implement the plan in accordance to the marketing activities, while attaining balanced control over the distributors and enabling smooth management of the activities from RAW’s local office in India.

The client understood the need of a controlled marketing plan to be developed locally and based on the needs of each brand in the portfolio. We performed the following activities:

  • Development of Business Strategy.
  • Creation of sales plan.
  • Development of the distribution plan.
  • Identification of different brand positioning / price.
  • Defining promotional plans.
  • Creating a system for performance measurement.
  • Sales control.
  • Check in-store presence and product positioning.


We guide our clients in making the right decisions while entering the Indian market through two main phases:

Strategic Analysis :
In this stage, we commence by undertaking market analysis, identifying the competition and understanding the feasibility of investment.

The Establishment of :

  • A commercial unit
  • A production unit to serve the domestic market
  • Joint ventures

Major player in the Italian market.


Mineral water & soft drinks


Eur 70M


The client contacted Relations at Work for a deep market research. The market features:

  • Stifling and complicated Regulatory Issues
  • Need to carry out Direct Investments
  • Non-linear approval system
  • Complicated logistic and distribution methods.
  • Unclear relationships between Indian suppliers and sellers.
  • Market Research (Online research, Demographics, Industry’s size and growth forecasts, Business models …)
  • Competitive Analysis (Key players, Trade analysis, Field research, Pricing models, Research on catalogues …)
  • Data Analysis (SWOT, Trend analysis and Projections)
  • Supply Chain Analysis (Wholesalers, Distributors, various channels that lead to the end consumer)
  • In the final report, RAW highlighted the market opportunities for mineral water in India, with the possible positioning of the product, pricing and the different possibilities and procedures to enter the Indian market.
  • RAW proposed to the client three different market entry strategies, the choice of the company will depend on its long-term strategy and resources availability.


Our local presence enables possibilities of managing your supply chain in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our role is to be the outsourced procurement office for our clients in India. Through the following three key phases, our customers can be closer to their suppliers, having the right control over their operations:

  • Supply Research
  • Negotiations
  • Quality Control

Leading Dutch Trading Company


Production of articles for the DIY market


USD 500M


This client was present in India with a direct management structure. However, it could not match the desired benchmarks and performance levels. The main problems faced were:

  • Poor Vendor Performance
  • Non-adherence to delivery schedule.
  • Lack of vendor governance and control.
  • Less control over the quality of products.
  • Weak Negotiations.
  • Relations at Work set up a sourcing team to seek Indian vendors that could meet European standards.
  • Selection of 3 producers for each product category of the client.
  • RAW supported the client in the negotiation phase.
  • RAW currently represents the client and executes activities on daily basis.
  • Successful execution of all purchase orders from India since the beginning of its contract in 2012.
  • Carried out Pre-Shipment Quality inspections of all the different products and articles that are sourced from India.
  • Explored the markets for new suppliers.
  • Efficiently handled all communications, queries and challenges between the client and the suppliers.


We work as temporary managers, along with the client’s local team in India, to follow up on day to day activities and optimise the client’s overall Indian business operations, or Joint Venture. We supervise management of the company by representing them at their board level. The main areas of development on which we operate are:

  • Accounting & Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Operational Efficiency

Italian Manufacturing Company






The performance of a JV between an Italian and Indian company in the Steel Manufacturing sector started declining after the first two years, due to the following:

  • Poor Management Control.
  • Legal Issues between the partners of JV’s.
  • Poor Financial Performance

Project Turnaround:
Temporary Management: Mr. Antonio Fasano was appointed as MD for the Italian Company and represented them at the board level.

  • RAW immediately improved the company’s financial performance by collecting pending debts and creating new investment opportunities.
  • Collaborated with suppliers and presented a robust payment plan to start the supply of raw materials.
  • Increased the production capacity with mechanical and process improvements.
  • HR management and training
  • Implemented new sales and cost models.
  • Monthly revenue increased by 40%.
  • Sales pipeline and order list has been the highest since last 3 years.
  • Reduced company’s debts by 30% and resolved all compliance, taxation and regulatory complications.
  • Operating cost reduced by 24% ; with staff optimization and better raw material procurement.
  • Efficient process and operational reporting to ensure that the Italian stakeholders were always informed.