Our team is professional, determinate, reliable and energetic.

Antonio Fasano | Managing Director | |

Internationalization is the key.
Being the Managing Director of the company, Antonio Fasano established Relations At Work in 2009. He supervises the quality of brand and services provided to each client, while assuring a productive output. With past experience of working with ABN Amro Bank and The Royal Bank of Scotland, in London and Milan, the business standard he sets at RAW is international yet multi-cultural, comfortable yet diligent and always solution oriented. Having successfully set up business operations of the company, Antonio serves the role of a Business Consultant or Director to various European companies. Since 2015 he is a national board member of the European Business Group.
Antonio has a degree in Economics and Commerce, with an honour record for his thesis  Being a globe-trotting Italian national, he speaks fluent Italian, English and Hindi.

Massimiliano Altabella | Partner | |

A Partner at RAW and the Managing Director of IC & Partners India, a joint venture between RAW and IC & Partners Global. Having a wide past experience in banking and financial services, Massimiliano has been working towards the internationalisation of enterprises. He’s also a visiting professor of Master IGAMI with two different Master’s programs. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an International MBA from Italy and speaks fluent Italian & English.

Jayesh Kadam | Finance Manager | |

As the Finance Manager, Jayesh heads the finance team at RAW, personally supervises each client’s accounts & taxes along with the company’s internal finance and audits.

With his decade of experience in handling the accounting and taxation for various European and Indian multinational companies, Jayesh has developed unparalleled skills in forecasting & budgeting, payroll management and liasoning services.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and versatile industry experience.

Ida Mallardo | Account Manager | |

With an in-depth knowledge of the internationalisation processes of enterprises, Ida has since 2009 been involved in projects working for the development and consolidation of foreign markets on behalf of various Italian companies, specialising in Asia and the continental Middle East.

Since 2019 Ida has been a part of Relations At Work India as a Business Development Manager for Italy.

Ida holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and an MBA in Economics and speaks fluent Italian, English and Spanish.

Iacopo Mazzetti | Partner | |

In Oct 2012 Iacopo came in Mumbai to work for Relations at Work as the Head of Operations. Since 2016 as our company grew, he moved and took charge of our European operations, in our Italian office. He began his career with AIG as an Underwriter and eventually graduating with experience to the core of AIG in New York. Iacopo also started a line of business with CNA insurance company in Milan, to cover the risk for a Renewable Energy production plant. He completed his Masters of Science in 2007, specialising in General Management, at Bocconi University in Milan. He carried out a relevant part of his studies at IIM Calcutta during 2016. Iacopo speaks Italian and English.

Vito Boccarello | Associated | |

Vito Boccarello has been associated with Relations At Work since 2013. He heads the Legal and Business Consulting of our operations in Italy. An expert in business management, international taxation and tax disputes, he has worked on several assignments of temporary management with different companies, implementing administrative offices and training executive personnel. He started his own legal and business consulting firm in 2004. Vito is an Accountant and Accounting auditor who entered in the register of Chartered Accountants and statutory auditors at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance since 2007. He speaks Italian.

Domenico Fasano | Vice President - Italia |

Since 2009, Mr. Domenico Fasano has been associated Relations at Work, guiding it with his expertise on organisational and financial front.
Since the year 1999, Mr. Fasano has engaged himself in promoting internationalisation of companies and their collaborative framework of “corporate networks”. He brings with him the quintessential knowledge as a Professor of Business Administration and his experience with educational, professional, trade unions and study commissions at the ODCEC (Institute of Chartered Accountants) of Naples; with whom he has also been the vice-chairman of the Internationalisation and Enterprise Networks & Districts Study Commission, since 2013.He’s a certified Public Accountant since 1983, who entered in the public register of chartered accountants and of statutory auditors at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. He speaks Italian and English.

Rajesh Chaurasia | Procurement Manager | |

Procurement is an extremely important aspect for some of our major clients. It involves not just procuring commodities from the desired location, but also coordination, thorough inspection and partner research. Rajesh handles procurement management for our clients with finesse and solution-orientation.

Rajesh brings in over a decade of work experience in European and other international companies in a cross-cultural environment. His expertise in research and procurement management has been the most utilitarian for our clients.

He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Karan Choithramani | Brand & Marketing Manager | |

Being a part of brand and marketing in the luxury sector, Karan helps our clients with the most effective brand-building methods, successful marketing campaigns and retail. With vast knowledge in merchandising, sales, marketing communication and retail, his work constantly focuses on providing global marketing solutions to our clients.

He comes with past experience of handling brand activities for international brands in the Middle East, such as, Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Salvatore Ferragamo, Cartier, Jaguar & Ferrari etc. His skills in Project Management, negotiations and strategic market share development add a benchmark of global standards to our client’s businesses.

Karan has an international Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management along with a world-class field expertise.

Saloni Birmole | Assistant Finance Manager | |

Saloni Assists the Finance Head and supports the team in taxation planning, income-tax  return filing, finalising account sheets and in handling assessment case. Being a young employee, her skills and experience are constantly growing.

She comes with 4 years of past experience in accounting, taxation and audit. This helps her in the smooth financial management of multiple clients at the same time.

Saloni has a Bachelor in Commerce degree which helps her stay adept and updated with the latest financial developments.

Maulik Shah | Company Secretary | |

As the company secretary, one of Maulik’s most important duties lie in compliance with ROC, Military of Corporate Regulations, FEMA Regulations and RBI. A constant company functioning knowledge and local legislature help him in his job roles.

With 3 years of experience in Practicing Company Secretary firm Maulik understands the key aspects of business compliance along with an adept flare for updated business laws.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, a degree in Company Secretary, and to further his skillset, is currently pursuing LLB.

Saurabh Mithagri | Accounts Executive | |

Saurabh is the Accounting Executive who assists the finance manager in filing sales and purchase entries, invoicing and other payment related services.

He comes with 5 years of vast work experience in the field of finance, ranging from taxation to audits to working at a chartered accountant firm. This experience continues growing at RAW, giving the employee an international outlook in his area of expertise.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and an urge to grow better in the industry, Saurabh is pursuing a degree in Chartered Accounting.

Darshana Bendal | Assistant Accounts Executive | |

Assisting with the company finances, Darshana supports in making sales entries, maintaining client investment sheets and taxation.

With 6 years of experience in accounting and finance for a variety of companies, she can juggle multiple accounting tasks with ease. Working in a multicultural environment probes her to expand horizons and learn more.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

Adriano Ceci Neva | Business Analyst | |

As a Business Analyst, Adriano leads various projects handled by RAW, where he ensures the timely functioning of the client’s business. He is our Italian representative in the Indian team, bridging the client needs with the desired local assistance.
He completed his Masters of Science in 2019, specialising in Marketing Management, at Luiss University in Rome.
He speaks fluent Italian & English.

Saritha Warrier | Executive Assistant cum Administrative Officer | |

Saritha is working as Executive Assistant cum Administrator.
She is EA reporting to MD handling daily schedule of boss and Administrative Responsibility.
She has 7 years of work experience in the Travel and Tourism and 3 years as Executive Assistant.